We are THE-STRONG-GROUP, a non profit entity who's goals are to empower our communities and supply our youths with the necessary tools needed to become effective in today's society. STRONG

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THE-STRONG-GROUP is dedicated to encouraging economic control and business development for all impoverish neighborhoods.

THE-STRONG-GROUP encourages and teaches our youth to commit to inputting the knowledge of Math, Science, English, and Technology in their natural computers for life. We are building strong leaders now!!

THE-STRONG-GROUP: Community Committed...

Bringing Strong positive productive network groups together to build resources towards reaching common goals in all areas.

THE-STRONG-GROUP: is a grass root not for profit entity...

THE-STRONG-GROUP: Youth Driven...

Supporting our youths to gain education, have family values, and applicable skills to keep up with the demands in today's society and our ever changing world..

THE-STRONG-GROUP: current projects and events...

THE-STRONG-GROUP is supported by Donations from government, private entities, and individuals. Donate to help THE-STRONG-GROUP reach our necessary goals in the community and with our youths.

Back History Month Initiative

February is the month where we celebrate our culture and heritage. THE-STRONG-GROUP would like for each person to be efficient this month with your personal decisions and financial obligations. Our ancestors have sacrificed their lives for us to have the freedom that we have today. More...

THE-STRONG-GROUP Annual Picnic & Fund Drive

Come out to Allen Pond Park, in Bowie Maryland, every Labor Day Weekend. Bring your lawn chairs and relaxing attitudes. Food, Games, Music, Fishing, Skate Board Park, Basket Ball, Soccer, Soft Ball, and more.....


Coed Community Softball and thirty and over (30+) men and women basketball. Have fun exercising through basketball.

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Lets work interdependently to increase the skills and knowledge base of our communities.

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